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RIU Cyber Security IT Equipment and Services Full Products and Services Listing. Unmatched simplicity in a complicated world

  • Cisco, HP, Dell & Comparable Network Switches, Routers, Servers, and other Network Appliances
  • Wireless Access Points (WAP) 802.11ac Wave 2, 3 x 3 (MIMO), 4 x 4 Indoor & Outdoor Access Points and more 
  • Wireless LAN & Wireless LAN Controller w/licensing
  • Smart UPS; APC, TripLite, 1500VA, 2200VA, and more
  • Firewall & Cyber Security devices to support up to 1Gbps secure throughput & more
  • Network Cabling & Connections; CAT5 & 6, Drop Downs
  • Hosted Firewall Services, various
  • Easy-to-configure user defined customer portal
  • The latest cybersecurity cloud based platform without the need to download software, updates, or plug-ins
  • Complete Network Security Testing

RIU Cyber Security is a complete cybersecurity solution for every small business. It's very simple to install, use, and it requires no upfront investment and no ongoing maintenance.

Information Technology Security Professional Services 

  • IT Program Management from initiation to close
  • Business Project Management Documentation & Consulting
  • Infrastructure Design & Managed Services
  • Systems Integration & Configuration
  • Requirements Development: Scope, Monitor, Execution
  • Compliant with PCI, and HIPAA industry standards
  • Stops cyber threats in the cloud, before they reach your network

With RIU Cyber Security, you can thwart cyber attacks and data leaks before they happen with one simple piece of equipment that taps the power of the same cyber security systems used by Big Business, but at an affordable price.

Network Engineering - Managed Services Providing Closure to Mission Critical Tasks

  Acquisition and Life Support                                                          Network Management
• Procurement of vital project products                                             • All computer network design and original setup
• Systems Engineering and Systems Integration                               • Network Audit and Network Upgrades
• Network Co-Existence
• Network Best Practices Management Projects
• Information Assurance & Security Engineering                             • Internet Connectivity Troubleshooting and Setup  
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Intrusion Detection                                                                            Infrastructure
• Security Training                                                                             • System Infrastructure Design and Implementation
• Security Testing                                                                               • Network Configuration

                                                                                                            • Broadband Consulting
  Maintenance, Hardware and Software                                        • Network & Systems Migration
• Maintenance of Hardware and Software
• Network Monitoring and Performance Maintenance                         Education & Training

                                                                                                            • Subject Matter Experts

                                                                                                            • Mobile Training Teams
                                                                                                            • Product Support

​Managed Information Technology Solutions

Managed Services provide 24/7/365 monitoring, server and workstation backup plus 24/7/365 HelpDesk support.

  • Managed Services                                                                  Professional Services make up the second category,
  • Professional Services                                                             which includes but not limited to the follow:
  • Hardware/Software Sales                                                       Emergency break/fix

                                                                         ​                                                   Installation and setup of business application software

Marathon - Proactive Business Management                                Update old networks or install new networks                  
Guardian - Business Disaster Recovery                                        Recover data from unrepairable computers when not         Voice - VOIP                                                                                 backed up
Anti-Spam - Email Protection                                                       Data Encryption
Radar - Email Rapid Archiving and Discovery                            Business Continuity Planning
Anywhere -Cloud Computing                                                       HIPAA Assessments
Print - Managed Print Supplies

Dell Products                                                                              Aisle 8 Products

  1. Computers desktops, laptops and tablets                             WattBox IP Powerstrips
  2. Monitors, keyboards, mice, other accessories                      Ethernet Switches 
  3. Servers, Virtual Machine Products                                                 i.Managed with POE
  4. SonicWall Firewalls                                                                        ii.Basic Switches

IOSafe Products                                                                           Routers

NAS Devices – Fireproof and Waterproof                                  Various types of cables

Industrial & Commercial Low Voltage Wiring

​Low voltage cabling                                                                 Audio/video      

  • Network cat5e and cat6                                                      Complete system design
  • Intercom and PA systems                                                   Theater and surround sound
  • Access control                                                                    Smart remote support
  • CCTV systems                                                                   Commercial audio distribution

                                                                                                                                           Flat screen displays and video distribution 

CCTV system                                                                           Intercom and event sound systems

  • Complete design and installation
  • Analog and IP cameras
  • PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera integration
  • Remote monitoring (smartphone or tablet)
  • System integration to alarm systems and smart home devices

Access Control                                                                          Network Systems

  • Complete design and installation                                        Complete design and installation
  • Security consultations                                                         WiFi system installation and programming
  • Programmed to user required specifications                       Cabling for VOIP telephone systems
  • RFID and biometric scanning                           Managed network cabling and racks with customer specific necessities

Welcome to the IT Equipment & Services page for RIU Cyber Security.

We're here to service the needs of Maricopa County, Arizona, The S.A.V.E Consortium, Participants in the USAC 470 program, and Small to Medium Local Businesses. 

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cyber security for small business AND IT PRODUCTS & SERVICES

RIU Cyber Security provides your small to medium size business with a level of services unmatched in the cybersecurity industry. We give your business every level of security. You can choose to get unlimited file back-up and get $50k in FREE breach insurance. WOW!

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